AviLighting Program


Equipment Employed:

  • AviLighting™ Feeder Light (over feed auger lines)
  • AviLighting™ Water Light (underneath water lines, 4’ apart)
  • Feed trays or strips of paper (used underneath east AviLighting™ Water Lights)                                                                
Day of age 1, 2, 9  Ceiling House Lights 10  AviLighting™ Feeder Light 3,4  AviLighting™ Water Light 3 Light Intensity (bird head height) 8
Placement-2 days (initial 48-hr) OFF OFF ON (24-hr) >15 fc (Waterer)
3-4 days (49-hr to 4-days) OFF ON(4hr alternating5) ON(4hr alternating5) >15 fc (Feeder)>15 fc (Waterer)
5-7 days OFF ON (24-hr) OFF 4-5 fc (Waterer)
8-14 days OFF ON (24-hr) OFF >3 fc (Waterer)
15-21 days OFF ON (24-hr) OFF >2 fc (Waterer)
22 days to 7-days prior to market (BLUE lights may be substituted for DARK periods).6 OFF ON (15-20 of 24 hours daily).7 OFF >0.10 fc Waterer (acceptable range = 0.10 to 1 fc)
7-days prior to harvest.6 ON (if available) ON (24-hr) ON (24-hr) 4-5 fc (Waterer)

1Lighting regime should be changed in early am (prior to 9 am) to avoid daily 24-hr diurnal disruption.

2 Where possible within the controller restraints, light intensity should be changed over a 6-hr period.

3 Feeder and Water Lights should be placed outside of direct infrared heat transmission.

4 The 2nd feeder line lights will be turned on, with same light intensity requirements, after birds are moved from brooding to growout areas (or are roaming to a point, that other feeder lights are essential, for the birds to find the feeders and watering areas).

5 AviLighting Feeder Lights and Water Lights should alternate 4-hr each 24-hr daily for two days.

6 BLUE lights may be substituted for DARK periods.

7 COMPLETE DARKNESS or COMPLETE BLUE lights may be shown 4-9 hours daily, schedule to be set by the Poultry Integrator Technical Team.

8 Lighting dimming schedule suggestion is to dim over at minimum a 6-hr period.

9 BOTH feed (both underneath waters in trays or on paper and in normal pan auger feeding system) and water will be offered.

10 Ceiling lights are suggested to be employed (only as an option) 7-days prior to harvest, which might only increase feed consumption and additional movement toward feeders and waterers.


Whole House Brooding Test

If you’ve already seen our Bird Attraction Study post & corresponding video, you’re probably familiar with the idea of employing one line of lights in your house to brood chicks without curtains or walls. As a follow up to this previous video, we’ve compiled snapshots from each day at the research farm over the past two weeks. Watch the video below and note the tight distribution around feed, water & light. Birds appear to remain in this critical area, even when given the chance to roam into a dark region in the center of the house. Also notable is the distinct line of light that stops just beyond the water line. This line doesn’t appear by chance, it is the culmination of many versions of feeder-light prototypes, and many hours of engineering. Ultimately, the presence of this distinct line is what makes AviLighting feeder-lights so successful at attracting birds & retaining them in feed/water areas.