Water Lights

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Provides intense LED light (>15fc) at the water lines to increase bird-attraction to this area, and therefore increase water consumption.  Fixtures are spaced 4′ apart down the length of the water lines in the brood section.  Six cool white (6500K) LEDs per fixture provide targeted light that aids in early mortality, body weight gains, and body weight uniformity.   Secondary blue LEDs are also included on each Water Light fixture for calming the birds & simulating moon light during dark hours.  Under 8W per 50′ section, these Water Lights are sure to save you money during your next brood.  AviLighting™ Water Lights are molded in optically clear plastic to keep them dust tight and water proof.  Sold in 50′ sections, custom lengths and spacing available upon request.

Additional information

Primary LEDs

6 per fixture, Cool White, 6500K

Secondary LEDs

4 per fixture, Blue, 470nm

Nominal Power

8W per 50' section

Operating Voltage

24 Volts DC

Wire Gauge

16/2 AWG