Feeder Light

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Emits high-intensity light from atop any existing feeder to create a region of light that extends just beyond the water line. Targeted light (>4 fc at the water line) is used for attracting birds to, and retaining birds within the feed & water areas—where they are most likely to increase feed & water consumption. Natural white diodes are coupled with either blue or red diodes (White & Blue or White & Red) for calming and sexual stimulation purposes, respectively. Natural white light, similar to natural sunlight, is employed to simulate “diurnal daylight conditions.” By bringing intense LED light closer to the subject, photons are more likely to penetrate the avian skull and reach the hypothalamus and the pineal gland.

This product is designed to be used in conjunction with the LED Smart Controller and 24V Power Supply, which provide a functional controls to dim light, toggle light on/off, create repeating light toggle/dim intervals, and change color wavelength from white to blue.

DC Driver not included

Additional information

Nominal Power

4.8 Watts

Operating Voltage

24 Volts DC

Color Temperature

4500 Kelvin