Control Pan Light

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Provides superior light intensity (>100 fc) at the control pan to increase bird-attraction to this area, and therefore prevent feed outages. A total of 60 natural white diodes (36 on the feeder light fixture & 24 on the LED Strips) provide 1,380 total lumens. Natural white diodes are coupled with either blue or red diodes for calming and sexual stimulation purposes, respectively. In order to protect the light from environmental factors, all AviLighting™ fixtures employ high-quality Polypropylene plastic, (ammonia & water resistant) with a 1% CESA Antimicrobial additive.

Installation takes place either with an existing AviLighting Feeder Light + Water Light System, or standalone where only Control Pan Lights are present in the poultry facility.  The former installation typically powers Control Pan Lights off large capacity drivers.  The latter installation typically employs individual 15W DC Drivers for each Control Pan Light.


Additional information

Number of LEDs

Neutral White 3014's: 36
Neutral White 5050's: 24

Lumen Output

Neutral White 3014's: 940 Lumens
Neutral White 5050's: 504 Lumens
Total: 1,380 Lumens


Neutral White: 4500K
Blue: 465nm


9.6 Watts

Operating Voltage

24 Volts DC


Material: Chase Plastic Polypropylene
Color: Sky Blue

Antimicrobial Additive

1% CESA Antimicro

LED Conformal Coating

Dow Corning 1-2577